Keeping up your Pilates practice over the holidays

It’s that time of year again – across the country cries can be heard: ‘It can’t be December already!’ Yes, that’s right,’tis the season to stay indoors, eat a lot and move very little. Which is wonderful, until a few days in where you start feeling a bit ropey. All the hard work you’ve done through the year seems to evaporate as the old aches and pains start to make their presence known. That is, until you had ‘the handy Pilates Plus Guide to surviving Christmas and maintain your mobility and fitness’. Bit of a mouthful, but we’re working on it!

So, we started off by thinking of ways you could incorporate Pilates into your Christmas routine. Firstly, you could roll down as you wind the tinsel round the tree!

xmas rolldown

Then how about getting your toes in on the act and putting up the decorations with your feet, introducing: the Christmas shoulder bridge!

xmas bridge

And to get the decorations a bit higher up the tree, the Christmas side bend!

xmas side bend

Doing a ‘Pilates demonstration’ in your front room not your thing? Then we maybe have some slightly sensible options to help prevent stiffening up as you watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ for the 37th time. Your Pilates instructor can issue you with our handout of home exercises. We also recommend the APPI DVDs available from their website:

Are you somebody who has beautiful posture in your Pilates class and then slouches out the door? If so, make this Christmas the time that you remember all the postural points your instructor tells you about during your classes. Your little black dress or kilt outfit will thank you for it at the Christmas parties – you don’t see A-listers slouching down the red carpet! Good posture can make a nice outfit look amazing, and yes, you have to work extra hard at it in heels!

   Image from

Even five minutes a day can help maintain mobility, the next few exercises have been chosen as they give you a good mobility workout and can be done in a small space. If you are not comfortable on your wrists you can do these exercises on a clenched fist, keeping the wrist straight or come down onto your elbows. Stop if any of the exercises are uncomfortable and see your Physio/Pilates instructor for an alternative.

Cat – Camel. In 4-point kneeling, start by inhaling and engaging your centre, exhale and arch your back into a deep C-curve, dropping your head between your arms. Inhale and hold then slowly unravel the other way as you exhale, just lifting your head far enough to look at the floor in front of your hands. Repeat 8-10 times.

PilatesPlus2013IMG_9629 PilatesPlus2013IMG_9627

Thead the Needle. In 4-point kneeling, exhale as you thread one hand through to twist your spine. Inhale and hold. Exhale and draw the arm back through, lifting it up to the ceiling to rotate the spine the other way. Inhale and hold, then repeat 6-8 times each side.

PilatesPlus2013IMG_9630 PilatesPlus2013IMG_9632

Spine Twist. With or without an elastic band. Sit cross legged, or in a position you find comfortable. Inhale and grow tall, exhale rotate to the side, inhale and hold, rotate a little deeper if you can. Exhale back to the centre. Repeat to the other side. Repeat 8-10 times to each side.


Spine flexion stretch. Start sitting with your legs to the sides. Sit tall as you inhale, exhale reach forward and curve your spine forwards. Inhale and hold, stretch a little further if you can. Exhale and return to the start. Repeat 8-10 times.


Think about all the cues you hear in your Pilates class each week. Checking the turkey in the oven? Engage your centre as you bend down! Reaching out to fix a decoration on the tree? Keep your shoulders melted down your back! Christmas carolling? Find neutral pelvis! Pouring mulled wine? Lengthen through the back of your neck! Before you know it, the entire festive season will be filled with Pilates…

If you do any festive Pilates moves, please post on the Pilates Plus Facebook page or tweet us @PilatesPlusPhys, we’d love to see how you keep yourself fit over the holidays!

xmas Laura and Tess

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season and best wishes for the new year from Laura and Tess and all the Pilates Plus team. We look forward to seeing you rested and ready for some new challenges in 2014!

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